A Pretty Motley Crew

The Bloggess – I don’t know Jenny personally and I probably never will. Her posts are typically “sweetly-raunchy and unhinged.” But one night, she posted something a little less “irreverent” than usual. I will be forever grateful for that post. Life-changing blog posts aside, this chick’s sense of humor gives mine a serious run for its money.

barefoot on 45th  – I love Lesley. And Lesley is a good Christian. I know Jesus knows that Lesley only loves good people. Which means karma points for me. I also really love Lesley’s husband and child (whom are also good Christians). That should be good for additional points, right?

Where My Heart Resides – Once you read Ashlee’s blog – it will become very clear – that opposites do in fact attract. I’m still not sure how this dark heart managed to forge a friendship with that Polly Pocket. She’s all butterflies and @#$%.

C’est Christine – If it weren’t for a random coffee date with Christine, I still might be toying around with the idea of writing a blog (instead of actually doing it). It’s such a small world…and Christine is going to see all of it.

Candace Rose – From fashion, photography and celebrity interviews to caring for animals and loved ones – I don’t think there’s anything this girl can’t do. And, I’m pretty sure she’d lay down in rush hour traffic for you. Candace inspires me. More than she knows.

Life Without Pants – I don’t know what I love most about Matt Chevy – his obsession with Saved by the Bell, the patience and determination he exercised to get through the blog building process with me or his endless, pantsless wisdom…

Miss Destructo – I read this once on Amber’s blog, “Hell hath no fury like a Destructo scorned.” Bottom Line: My kind of girl.

Amy Jo Martin – I don’t know how she does it…and still manages to hit the gym…but I like to read about it. I guess you could say I have a thing for people who don’t believe that anything is impossible.

Integrative Wellness – There are few people in this world I’d give up both coffee and wine for (albeit only for a short period of time). Let’s be honest, there is only one. Her name is Brandy Jo. She runs this biz and this blog. She truly does listen, love and heal.