You Be Snow White, I’ll Be Belle

July 9, 2012

Dear Almie,

It has taken me a few days – but I’ve finally and completely – forgiven you for calling bangs stupid.

I’ve come to peace with your moment of insanity mostly because you quickly admitted you must be insane to say such a thing, you swore you were only talking about your own bangs and you STILL have said “serious” bangs.

THEN, you told me Zooey Deschanel and I have “A+ fancy bangs.” You knew what you were doing when you said that. You knew my blunt-bang-loving-heart would melt. I appreciate manipulation as much as I appreciate the ability to manipulate. Smooth move Miss Rose. Smooth move.

In any event, I have decided, after seeing your most recent video/post that one of the only things I want for my birthday (which is not until September – so we have plenty of time to plan) is to have (many) birthday drinks with you. And you can record the whole thing, in case I’m insane (like yourself).

There isn’t really much more to say – other than – don’t let me down. I’m an only child. I’m used to getting what I want. And I’m totally serious about this Blunt-Banged-Disney-Themed-Apocalypstick-Plus-Daily-Birthday-Dream. It would be epic. I’m sure of it.

Zou Bisou Bisou,


P.S. Try to ignore the socks with the sandals and just soak up the same stupid bangs. We were meant to dress up Disney and drown my aging sorrows. Don’t you think? You be Snow White. I’ll be Belle. We’ll pick up a few dwarves and a beast along the way. Obviously.

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Apocalypstick July 10, 2012 at 9:02 am

I’m speechless. Let me get my purse.


Natalie July 10, 2012 at 9:43 am

I’ll ask Grumpy and Doc to escort me to La La Land. Or the beast will totally front the dough to fly you/us somewhere. He’s got plenty of it (not to mention tea pots that talk…pre vodka soda). Happy Birthday to me. You wish I was kidding. 😉


Delores Paulsen August 2, 2012 at 2:57 pm

For those of you reading, about those socks. Not a Mommy fashion thing but more of an only child that hated to wear shoes without socks!!! Oh how that has changed, thank goodness…………………


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