Lights Out

August 16, 2013

You know you’re in a good place when…

You don’t need the last word.

You may not even need to participate in the situation/conversation.

The only thing you need to help you sleep is HBO.

Your favorite Bruno Mars song (the sad one) makes you smile.

You turn it up when you hear it. You’re not afraid of it (anymore).

You can set your ego aside (even if only at times).

You recognize how heavy a load an ego is to bear.

Even with the thickest neck and the broadest shoulders, it’s obvious an ego is beyond a burden.

You dream (again).

You can hear your own laugh. You can hear every single syllable.

You sing (so loud).

You dance (like such a nutcase).

You cry (it’s all got to come out).

You know you’re irreplaceable.

You desire no different/better company than the company of your friends.

You’re not looking ahead, or behind. You’re planted firmly where you are. You know there’s no other place you should (or could) be at this/that particular moment.

You name the puppy.

This poor pup has been through a lot since his adoption. A series of unfortunate events has required a handful of drastic, but necessary, name changes. At first, the puppy was Jameson…then Gosling…then Caleb. Now, he’s Ray Donovan. And he’s got serious street cred.

On that note…

Ray Donovan doesn’t say much.

He doesn’t have to say much (see: street cred).

On his behalf…I’ll say sweet dreams.

And goodnight.

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