Like Speaks To Like

May 12, 2013

One of the most intelligent women in my life (that’s you Maid Marian), looked me square in the eyes, and said:

“You aren’t learning a lesson here. You are getting beat over the head with it.”

She was right.

And my head @#$%ing hurt.

Basically, I’ve been so focused on my fears…and so obsessed with my fear…I’ve managed to attract the things I fear most.

I have literally drawn these things (and people) to me. Like a magnet.

Before I attempt to replace the fear. And focus on what I really want (rather than what I don’t want or cannot control). Before I can comfortably let go of this heavy cargo. I have to share one last terrifying thought.

I’m afraid I make faces ridiculous enough to go on greeting cards. Either that, or I had a daughter. And I didn’t know I was pregnant or gave birth.

Please see example included below.

Now, I’m letting go…


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